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Custom Night Lights

A Lithophane is a 3D image carved in the stone-like material,  which changes characteristics depending on the light source behind them. It is a unique piece of art that will preserve your most precious memories for decades.  

 There is nothing more unique than you! – 

This is why our lithophanes are for everyone and are so unique and personalized.

We emphasize the beauty and the uniqueness of every portrait with the help of amazing technology.

Our stone lights are made to warm up your evenings and light up memorable events in your life.

We are offering different sizes of the final artwork and the choice of white and black frames.

Window Lithophanes

Window lithophanes change the appearance throughout the day depending on the amount of sunlight passing through it. The varying light source is what makes lithophanes so unique to the viewer compared to an average photo. Window Lithophanes reveal the image when backlit by the sunlight and remain nice decor in the evening times.

Backlit Lithophanes​

When an LED panel is placed behind the lithophane, it converts the carved surface into a unique monochrome portrait revealing the most precious memories, and warming up your days and evenings.  This masterpiece is very durable and will last for decades. #19495C


Personalized Stone Lights are the best gift solution

What makes a gift to be the best? We believe that the best gift has to be unique, personalized and have a flexible cost and this is exactly what we offer! 

We customize each stone light carefully engraving the image into a stone.

Our personalized stone lights are a winning solution for amazing gifts. 

Magnificent 3D images that light up on a stone

Images that are carved on a stone-like surface are a beautiful way to preserve your memories. We carefully carve your images into a stone-like material.  We use the most precise tools and technology to transfer a photo into 3 dimensional image preserving all the details in the most accurate way. 

How we do it

The relief of the carving is a 2.5 – dimensional replica of the original photo. This provides an amazing opportunity to sense the relief of a person who is no longer with you, as if you touch them indeed.

Relief stone surface​

We carve the image into a thin translucent surface that controls the amount of light passing through it and which replicates the image as a truly photorealistic monochrome piece of art. We backlit it with an LED high quality certified panel. 

We offer white and black frames. You will be given the choice upon checkout

The stone lights are backlit with a certified LED light panes and are of the highest quality. The LED Panels are not hitting up, keeping the temperature below 27C. The product is  safely utilized for more than 7 years. 
The product operated by a general electrical plug of 110V​


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