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Personalized Night Lamps and Wood Decor from your photos

Night lamps

Window lithophane exposed to a sunlight

Lithophanes are piece of art that will preserve your most precious moments for decades, and will light up your evenings with warm memories. Create your personalized night lamps from your favorite pictures.

From $90

wood decor

Unique gift girl with a bunny wood decor

Transfer your beautiful photos to a wood slice. A rustic design style and a glossy coating makes it an all purpose unique gift.

From $65

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Throughout the year we are exhibit in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto areas. We are happy to meet you there and introduce our products. Explore the variety of night lamps and wood decor which we make from your photos.

Our service is for everyone

There is nothing more unique than you! – 

This is why our service is for everyone and is so unique and personalized.

We emphasize the beauty and the uniqueness in you with the help of amazing technology.  

Our night lamps are called to warm up your evenings and light up memorable events in your life.

Personalized Night Lamps are the best gift solution

What makes a gift to be the best? We believe that the best gift has to be unique, personalized and have a flexible cost and that is exactly what we offer!

Our personalized night lamps are a winning solution for amazing gifts. 

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